A Lil’ Trick in the Yellow Truck

We have particularly small places to hang out in Bandung, West Java. We also have larger ones to bring all folks and group of guests. But, when you need to sit with someone to discuss serious stuff or just to straight things up, a coffee shop will do. And I just think, wait a minute. There is a place to do just that. It’s big enough for small talk, and it’s not so big to make a friend or two much closer. It’s Yellow Truck.

I always love great cake. No, Yellow Truck doesn’t have so great cake, but as a coffee shop, it does offer Srikaya toast. What more can I say. It’s just sufficiently serviced. You need to understand the history of coffee shop in Asia to understand the nature of its products and services. Therefore, you won’t get too disappointed when do your little trick in business over a cup of coffee, or a glass of cold iced cappuccino.

Go down the street close to the middle of Wastukancana that interchanges with Pajajaran Street. There is a space filled with motorcycles at the street side. This small magic is just hiding. But, the aroma of freshly roasted coffee can’t hide from passerby.






Rikipik Semur Jengkol – Generasi Kuliner Kreatif Anak Bandung

Done with work, I too felt horribly bored and tired with the excruciating pain behind the neck. This and threads of distressed muscles on my back were mocking my laziness from moving out of this baffling outlines. And so I scooted out to find a good hand, capable of shrinking off the brick-thumping noise along the spine. A barber it was. An hour treatmen and I finally back in shape, although the bruise and the stiff neck will last until the end of the week. My rough calculation it was.

On the same street, across the undying traffic, a cafe stands with the name of something sounds like a man’s name or a street’s. Or a barking creature. Roti Gempol and the Kopi Anjis. Which one is a man’s name? Gog!!

Pokona eta kopi seriusan made me so watchfully awake. Like the spidey in love, I was back on the work I needed to prepare for tomorrow. But, macet teu beak-beak ti tadi. Nya nangkring we jadina di 2nd floor. Rotinya mayan enak, walau ceuk abi mah agak mesti menyembah-nyembah minta susu sing loba. Teu karasa soalna. Cik atuh lah. I love sweetness, coz I’m not too sweet in real life. Komo dina online mah.

Eh, nemu kiripik yang intentionally ngahaja ditulis Rikipik. Here it went…

Rikipik Semur Jengkol.
Hand-cooked chips, since 2013.
Made from the finest cassava, chili and JENGKOL.
Tastebud tinglingly hot. A mouthfulnof bliss.
Cooked in Bandung. You will surely ask for more.
Net weight 200 grams.

This is why Bandung is so interestingly creative. Sok naon deui nu ek di damel rada nyentrik. Tutut tah asupkeun kana cangkir palastik, bere warna nu moronyoy and you seal it.

Come and get it in Roti Gempol and the Kopi Anjis, on Jalan Suryasumantri, Bandung, across Anata Salon, gedengeun Pom BENGSIN. – with Devi at Roti gempol & Kopi Anjis!

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